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Web optimisation

Having a website is only the first step to online success. We help you optimise your current online presence on any platform from website to social media!


Search Engine Optimisation

Increase your websites position in search engines by optimising your website! Provide the correct information for robots to scan your website and extract the right keywords. Rank higher in search engines and receive more orders! SEO is more fluid than instant and sometimes doing a small amount of SEO over time together with something like AdWords, will get you much further than investing a lot of money in pure SEO right away.


Search Engine Result Page

SERP is your rank in search engines. We consult on every possible way for increasing your business SERP. SERP is important because people tends to only look at the very top of a search results page. If your website can't compete with / rank high enough for enough visitors - we can help you with setting up AdWords and much more to secure your websites online presence in search engines.


Search Engine Visitor Optimisation

SEVO is an optimisation progress where we optimise the jump from the search engine to your website. Optimising your SEVO will decrease your websites bounce rate while also having the chance for increasing conversion rate.

Web hosting

Having an online presence required absolute access at all times. Any website downtime can hurt your business and therefore should be avoided at all costs! Our web hosting partners guarantees at least 99.9% uptime! We help you build the exact web hosting platform that you need! We scrape away everything you dont need so you only pay for the web hosting solution that is right for you!

Web traffic

We can generate traffic for your website! Web traffic is diffidently not the same depending on where you get it from and picking the right traffic-partner can be a hard task. We know the difference between the traffic-partners available and will bring the best choices for your business.